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Q. How long does it take to cash out my annuity policy?
A. Depending on the insurance carrier, you can have your money in as little as two weeks. Structured Settlements tend to take 30 days.

Q. Can I sell a portion of my annuity?
A. Yes, in most cases you can sell a portion of your annuity.

Q. How does it work?
A. We handle all the hard work. All you have to do is sign up and we will follow through with your annuity carrier. We will send your money via wire or FedEx(TM) for your convenience.

Q. Will my annuity payments be enough to maintain my current life style? Do my monthly expenses exceed my annuity payments and other income?
A. Add your income from your annuity, social security, and other types of receivables and subtract them from your monthly bill. If these costs exceed your payments give us a call to discuss options

Q. How do I figure out the present value of an annuity?
A. Call us and we will walk you through the process.