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Auto Accident Settlement

If you were injured in an automobile accident, you may have sustained injuries that can last for months, years or even for a lifetime. Insurance companies often offer minimal settlement payments to cover medical bills, however those payments are often insufficient to meet financial needs. When an accident victim deals directly with an insurance company, they may be forced to accept a settlement that is far smaller than what the victim's actual medical expenses may be over the long run.

Car Accident

When accident victims work with personal injury attorneys to obtain the compensation they deserve, victory is often bittersweet. While they may be awarded a settlement as compensation, such settlement arrangements are often structured to provide payments over a period of years rather than in one lump sum. While this type of structured settlement is ideal for the payor, it does not do the injured person much good if they are still struggling to get back on their feet financially after the accident. 

Fortunately, even if your settlement agreement says you will be paid in increments over time, you do not need to stick with this type of structured payment arrangement. In an emergency, you can sell your settlement payments for cash - real money that you can use to get caught up on bills, to purchase things you now need as a result of your injury, or for any other purpose.

Here's How it Works

Simply contact Cashout Annuity online or by calling (844) 340-6649 today to get started. Our friendly and knowledgeable professionals have experience handling structured settlement purchases, and we will handle all the hard work for you - from start to finish. Often, clients have the money in hand within as little as 30 days! So if you want to find out how much your settlement payments might be worth, reach out to us today.


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