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Structured Settlement

A structured settlement is a common type of annuity. However, instead of purchasing or inheriting an annuity from someone else, a structured settlement represents the proceeds of a legal settlement through the court system.

Structured Settlements

What Do Structured Settlements Represent?

Structured settlements generally represent payment for civil wrongs that were suffered because of a criminal or negligent act, including physical, emotional, economic or reputation injuries, as well as property, constitutional rights or privacy violations. Common types of actions that end up as structured settlements for the victim or the victim's family include car accidents, product liability, copyright infringement, false imprisonment, dog bites, defamation, wrongful death and environmental pollution.

When the structured settlement is awarded to the victim or his or her family, it represents compensation for the wrong they suffered and signifies, in most cases, the end of the court process. However, receiving that compensation in the form of a structured settlement which takes the form of an annuity can be frustrating because often, the victim needs a lump sum of cash to handle expenses. Knowing there is a future income stream in place can be great for future planning, but it does very little to address immediate cash needs. In many cases, victims assume they will receive one payment if they prevail in the case and are disappointed and frustrated to learn that they will instead receive annuity-like payments.

Because of this...

Many victims would rather receive a lump sum now instead of receiving payments over a long period of time. That's where Cashout Annuity can help! Where the annuity-like payments of a structured settlement are typically not life-changing, receiving a lump sum of cash instead can be. We can help you sell your structured settlement for cash now, cash you can use for anything you want or need it for. We will handle all of the hard work for you, guiding you through the process from start to finish. Once the process has been started, you may have your funds in hand within as little as 30 days.